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How the Boxster has gone from chump to champ

Porsche have always insisted that the 911 is the crème de la crème of all their offered models and the Boxster has usually taken a back seat.

Disappointing finished products became a frequent occurrence with the same criticism’s coming from all corners. Even us at Première Velocity dismissed the Boxster as the ‘poor man’s Porsche’ and mirrored remarks that nodded at towards the cars weight, the handling being too distant and the exasperating options list designed to rake in as much money as possible.

However there seems to be a new dawn on the horizon for the Boxster as it has been recently voted in the 10 Best cars of 2013 by car and driver. Of course this is an impressive achievement awarded by the magazine and it must be noted that to make this list, requirements stipulate that all cars must be on sale in January 2013 and must be priced under £50,000. So not only an engineering achievement, but a cost effective one too!

The many vast improvements begin with the size. This new Boxster is more spacious improving comfort due to a longer wheelbase and wider front track. It’s now also much lighter than its predecessor eliminating one of its biggest shortfalls in recent history. While roadster status was always prevalent, it moves into a new class now with Porsche’s wonderful new electric steering providing pinpoint accuracy when driving either in town, or on a spirited country drive.

The specs are equally impressive including acceleration that matches the standard version of the new 991 variant of 911, and believe it or not, can stop in a shorter distance than the McLaren MP4-12C from 70mph. The standard 2.7l model boasts a cool 265bhp but if you want a more visceral drive the S model is for you with a 3.4l engine giving an output of 315bhp.

The new sleek body has the Boxster stepping out from the 911’s shadow and gaining its own identity as a true sports car and desirable roadster. Unfortunately here at Première Velocity we can’t always guarantee the weather but if it’s good enough for CarAndDriver then it’s good enough for us.

With this new found love for the car we added a high spec model to our prestige hire fleet fleet in the same colors as the press release which you can find on our website in our porsche section.

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