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Guest Review: McLaren MP4 -12C

5 miles of petrol in 500 metres of tunnel…Whoops
As you may well know, from many videos of SupercarsofLondon, we have been teaming up with Premiere Velocity (The U.K's largest supercar and prestige Hire Company) to create entertaining supercar videos. SupercarsofLondon have filmed the epic Ferrari 458 Italia, and also the BRUTE Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster. A week ago I was able to ride in Premiere Velocity's latest addition to the fleet...A bright yellow McLaren MP4-12C spider. You can read our review of the McLaren against the 458 in a previous blog post written by me, but this special blog post is looking into the fuel economy of these new supercars, with huge emphasis on the McLaren MP4 thanks to an insightful video taken with myself in the passenger seat, and James (Resident PV driver) at the wheel.

Let me set the scene, we were 30 minutes into our drive, filming the drive when the dashboard begins to notify us of our petrol 'range'. Throughout the drive we hadn't had any warning...Our first warning comes as we are just awaiting the green light from the traffic lights to head towards the tunnel, where we regularly test the exhaust sound of each supercar. We had 20 miles worth of petrol left, and having experienced a similar situation with a friends 458, I knew we were in trouble and could run out at any given moment. So here was our dilemma:::
We had '20' miles of petrol left...we were approx 10 miles away from Premiere Velocity's HQ but were faced with a lengthy tunnel of at least 500 metres. What would any supercar fan do? Nail it through the gears to hear the V8 thunder. But did we really want to risk being stuck at the side of the road in a bright yellow McLaren for the whole world to see and laugh at us? With no thought or hesitation we dropped down the gears on the approach to the tunnel...and well, you'll just have to watch the embedded video to see what happened to the fuel!
We luckily got back to Premiere Velocity's HQ safely, but I was concerned on our return that the McLaren could cough up it's last few slurps whenever! A fantastic car and great experience, but I wasn't expecting us to lose 5 miles of petrol in the space of 30 seconds! Make sure when you're hiring and driving these cars you have some petrol money set aside for times of desperation.

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