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With the Geneva Motor Show leaving car fans across the globe in a state of wonderment, It's only fair that we take a little time to reflect on just how far the game has moved on. With cars like the 458 Italia and McLaren MP4 on our fleet, you can imagine we have a relatively good idea of speed. However with the release of the new McLaren P1 and the 'LaFerrari' F150, the pride of our fleet is looking a little.....slow. Both boasting a Hybrid/Combustion style power unit with a whole host of trick Aero and carbon goodies, these two Hypercars absolutely stolethe show. In comparison, the MP4 puts out 616bhp and hits 62 in just over 3 seconds, and the fabled 458 puts out 562bhp from its wonderful V8 and hits 62 in around the same time.Both these vehicles are monstrously fast and more often than not, leave our customers in love and usually a little humbled. However, McLaren's new P1 pumps out a faintly ridiculous 727bhp from its MP4 derived power unit, and thanks to its electric assisted motor it still has another 177bhp to give. With 900bhp on tap and a power to weight ratio that sits lower than the MP4, it's almost hard to comprehend the type of acceleration this car will be capable of.

In addition to this, Ferrari's new Enzo replacement (the F150) has a staggering 789bhp from a screaming N/A V12. With the assistance of an F1 inspired KI-KERS system that stores and builds kinetic energy whilst the vehicle is driven, this new prancing horse is feverishly close to 1000bhp! People have compared these technological showcases to the Bugatti Veyron and others of the same like, however, when you consider the Veyron hits 186mph in a little over 18 seconds, both the
Ferrari and the McLaren will do it in under 17 seconds, the Bugatti is beginning to look a little like a turbo charged VW Beetle. This kind of technology can only be transferred and replicated into the coming models from both manufacturers which gives us all hope that soon at PV, we will have the chance to offer a little more of what the of McLaren and Ferrari really have to offer.

Probably not the P1 or the F150 though....anyone have £1million going spare??

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