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Ferrari & Lamborghini Hire From Premiere Velocity

Italian Supercar Hire

Nobody in the world of style does it quite like the Italians. They make the most beautiful cars in the world and the two main manufacturers currently design some of the best.
Lamborghini have the Gallardo, LP560 and the Murcielago. Ferrari has the F430, 599 GTB, California and the eagerly anticipated 458 Italia.

For years and years generations of kids have put the posters up on the wall, and now those kids have grown up and have opportunity to drive one without owning.

Prestige and Supercar hire company Premiere Velocity give you the chance to hire one from a day to months. So that what we did, we decided to take two Italian Supercars out on hire and live out the boyhood dreams.

The Ferrari F430 has now been around for a few years but with the top down and the sparkling red exterior this car is still the most amazing thing to behold. The engine and interior match the looks and the drive is amazing all be it a little on the edge if you’re not that confident. The presence this car holds is enough to stop the streets of London, Manchester, Birmingham or any of the UK. Some people smile and some snarl but either way, they all stare!

The Lamborghini is a different machine, despite the fact that they are known for being very loud with crazy colours and even crazier aesthetics, the hire Lamborghini LP560 seems quite mature. Having had a few years in the form of the Gallardo, the LP560 has ironed out the creases and left us with a reliable smooth and easy drive. White is the colour of choice at the moment and this model has shiny black wheels to set the exterior off.

We are surprised to find ourselves saying this, but we think the tables have turned for the meantime; the Lamborghini is the new gentlemen’s supercar of choice.

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