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Ferrari F430 F1 Spyder Hire Review

To most automotive enthusiasts there is only one marquee that makes the biggest statement – Ferrari. The prancing horse is synonymous with every aspect of car racing, so it’s no surprise that when they put their hand to making road going cars that they turn out to be some of the most beautiful and joyous cars ever built.

To own one of these is a privilege that most people will never get, but there is always the option of Ferrari hire. At Première Velocity they have the Ferrari F430 F1 Spyder, a car that turns heads, ears and even the wives notice! When you hire a Ferrari you don’t have the huge running costs to worry about, all you do is enjoy one of the best engines ever made.

You would enjoy this car almost in any situation but one of the best is on a warm summer’s day with the roof down turning into bend after bend of some of Surrey and Kent’s best country lanes. Surrey and Kent are no strangers to enthusiasts enjoying their b roads but when I had the opportunity to drive a Ferrari around them I was blown away. With in many cases only enough room for one car I flicked through the F1 gearbox in milliseconds, left right, left right, the rear wheeled set up didn’t fail to give me peace of mind as the rain free lane increased my confidence to squeeze some more power out of the high revving race tuned F430 V8 ....... then all of a sudden I’m out into the familiar surroundings of Guilford. Quite a change of pace which gives me a chance to admire the contrast leather and functionality of the dials quite obviously Ferrari styling. As I drive through town I catch a fleeting glimpse in the shop window and am blown away by how good this car looks with the roof down, Rosso Corsa red with matching callipers, ceramic brakes barely warm from my excursion.

With so many towns like Woking, Epsom, Reigate, Spelthorne, Runnymede and Waverley you’re only ever 5 minutes away from the freedom of the country lanes which makes this area such a great place to hire a Ferrari and have a day driving to each one of them. And with well known places like Box Hill and the commons it may even be a great idea to step out of your hire car and take in the scenery and what this part of England has to offer.

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