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Ferrari California 30 - Why it’s that good

Our latest fleet addition is the Ferrari California 30. So what is the 30 all about I here you ask? Well, for starters let's talk about the engine which has 30 more horsepower! This means that this Italian pocket rocket now pushes out 490 bhp, and nobody is going to argue with more power, especially not us, and definitely not our Supercar hire clients. The Ferrari California could be mistaken for a grand tourer, but personally I beg to differ. For starters, it is only a fraction slower than the street racer 458 Italia, which most rental customers will tell you is the best Supercar out there. It also has 4 seats, but only 2 are really useable so that aligns it more with the more traditional Supercars. Now, the 30 is also related to something other than is 30kg lighter, and what does that mean? It means that the chassis becomes more responsive, the pace quickens and that makes everyone happy when renting from us, and we love happy faces here at Premiere Velocity. There are some aesthetic changes as well, but in all honesty, they are very minor, and this was already a real looker anyway. We decided to go for the contrast roof in black, which against the Rosso Corsa classic Ferrari red is a real head turner, and of course the obligatory 'crema' interior, completing that 'I'm in a Ferrari' feel. This latest rental addition to the Supercar range has been an instant success, so if you want to make an impression, you had better call sooner rather than later as it is rarely seen at our HQ, instead spending it's time making heads turn an faces smile all across London and lots of other major UK cities.

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