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Ferrari 458 Italia Test Drive

Premiere Velocity recently had the chance to test drive the all new Ferrari 458 Italia and all we can see is WOW!

The first thing that stands out is how the car looks. In my opinion, this is the best looking Ferrari ever without exception. The most amazing curves I have seen on any vehicle grace all angles, especially the air intake ducts and wheel arches. There is a notable improvement in the interior as well, with all the instruments curving towards the driver allowing easy line of sight whilst driving.

The engine as you would expect from Ferrari is a gem and purrs at 30 mph yet, crank the revs up to 8500 RPM and you would think World War 3 had started. This car is quick, not normal quick but ridiculously quick. Handling is pin sharp with corners mastered at a breeze, the slightest movement on the steering wheel and the nose follows. What impressed me the most though was the gear change. This must be as close to a F1 cars gear change is you will get on a road car, it's instant and I mean INSTANT, no lag, no pausing, just instant!

This new Ferrari is so ggod I don't know how the competitors will compete, but I sincerely hope they do and when they do the result will be amamzing.

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