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Converted To A Ferrari Fan in A Single Hour

Converted to a Ferrari fan in a single hour: by Paul Wallace

Hello and welcome to a blog entry I never thought I’d be writing. For those unfamiliar with my YouTube channel and personal blog ‘’, I am a huge Lamborghini fan. Have always wanted to own one, drive one and always hope to see Lambo's during my trips to London. Since I can remember, I have preferred Lamborghini to Ferrari and any other car manufacturer for that matter…no one seems to build the mad cars better. I had it in my head, the lambo was the car for me and I have been striving to achieve my goal of owning a Lamborghini by 25 years old. Now I’m 2 and half years away from this milestone and I have had a sudden change of heart. Can I really change my dreams from the raging bull to the prancing horse? Let me explain.
As you know, both I and Premiere Velocity are collaborating on a new supercar YouTube show, and it is my job to ride in PV’s entire fleet. Supercar Scene TV has been filming for a good few weeks now and we are getting lots of great footage. Yesterday (Tuesday 8th October), the Ferrari 458 Italia was poised and ready to be driven. In my opinion, the 458 is an over-bought, over-used supercar that is too common to film or photograph, unless it’s a silly colour or has stupidly loud exhausts. I love the design and the looks but I see and hear way too many for me to feel excited about the ride. In my opinion, the V10 Lambo Gallardo is more exciting; the looks, the angles and the noise trump the 458. The only exciting aspect of the 458 Italia is how many awards it’s won, and how much praise it has had being THE best car in the world. If I could feel this ‘amazingness’ from the passenger seat during this ride, maybe just maybe I’ll be won over and admit how special the car is.
After an hour’s drive I can only say these words ‘if you ever get the chance to ride in a supercar, drive a supercar, own a supercar and the 458 Italia is an option- Pick the 458!!! Right from the word go, sitting in the comfy, body hugging bucket seats and sitting 1 foot off the road surface, this car was ready for action. Even cruising down the road, the ride was comfy, relaxing and fairly low key- but when the road was empty, and the traffic was minimal, this car light up every inch of tarmac available. The pace of the car is incredible, the agility this car has is on another level to anything I have been in, and the overall package of sound, speed and noise is just overwhelming. I have been in extremely fast cars from the V12 Lamborghini’s, even to the V12 Ferrari Enzo, but the Italia wins hands down. I have since been rummaging through Autotrader and Pistonheads looking at the 458 prices, calculating depreciation and hoping that one day, this car will be on my drive. I thought all I wanted from a car was a loud, fantastic looking, powerful bull but from yesterday onwards, I have been converted to the Ferrari. For now I am settled with the 458…put any other keys in front of me and I’ll take the 458.
One last note, If you’re not so much of a reader, and would prefer to watch a video of my ride in the 458 Italia and see how much I enjoy the car, make sure you check out and subscribe these 2 YouTube channels. The videos are epic and coming very, very soon.
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