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Cheap Supercar Hire? You must be mad!

Ok, let’s get this straight from the start….the two words in the title do NOT go together for a reason; ‘cheap’ and ‘supercar’. I mean…..come on, you cannot seriously believe that when you look for a rental car that costs over £100,000, and you are being offered it for a ‘couple of hundred’ pounds that something isn’t wrong? You mean to tell me that the bells don’t begin to ring just a little bit? Well, they should…in fact; they should be chiming like Big Ben himself.
So many times during the year, especially during the quieter months, we have clients who enquire, only to tell us that another Supercar hire company is offering the same car for up to 50% less. Our answer, as always is “really?”
So let’s break it down a bit for you, what costs are really involved in a single instance of hire or rental on a Supercar. The same rules apply to luxury or prestige hire cars as well.
Each hire will consist of the flowing ‘cost’ elements:

Cost of vehicle
Insurance on that vehicle (we mean self-drive, NOT a motor trade policy)
Interest on repayments
Wear and tear
Logistical costs

I’m not here to lay bare our companies costs, but believe me, they are stellar in every sense, and one of the main costs is insurance. To give you an example, a £200,000 Supercar will cost us on average £20,000 PA, times that by just 10 cars and you begin to get an idea of how much, proper self-drive, hire or reward insurance policies can cost…but hold on….'AB Rentals' down the road are offering their 2nd uncles twice removed, dead 23rd aunts Lamborghini for half the price? Mmmmm, let me ponder that thought for a minute?????
Now this is the point where some of you say to yourself; “it’s cheaper so I will go for that car”
That could be a fatal error right there. The likelihood is that you are driving a car that isn’t the ‘company’s’ and is being rented to you under a motor trade policy, whereby if anything goes badly wrong, they WILL NOT pay out and you will become liable.
So next time you want to hire a Supercar, make sure that you ask yourself that question. The answer should be is it really worth it?

Is the company a legit company?
Does the company have any affiliation with large corporations?
Ask what type of insurance they hire under, and ask to see it?
Insurances should be for the purpose of ‘self-drive’, not the motor trader
Does the company have respectable premises?
Do they have proper card processing facilities?
Can you go and inspect the rental car before?

Well, at Première Velocity you can do all the above and be assured of not only great cars and customer service, but also peace of mind and your safety.

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