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Chauffeur & Wedding Hire Cars

Recently I had some very important business clients that were visiting London. They had come from all the major cities including New York, LA, Paris, Munich and Dubai. I also had many families, some royal that were coming to London for the summer. They came from the UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, Qatar the Oman.

One thing I knew that was very important – they wanted the BEST cars for hire bar none and I knew exactly where to get them from, Première Velocity , who had Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Range Rover and many more cars for hire.

They delivered to anywhere so the fact that they were on the outskirts of London meant that they could deliver the cars as quick as was needed. All it took was a phone call and their friendly staff soon had my clients in the car of their choice.

What was very handy was that Première Velocity also had a range of chauffeur cars that were very individual. Some of my clients didn’t wish to drive and preferred to have their vehicles chauffeur driven. Première Velocity gave me the opportunity to either chauffeur the client myself or use their chauffeur services to have one of their drivers do the job.

If you go to Harvey Nichols, Harrods or Selfridges in the summer you will see a swathe of S Class Mercedes, Bentley Flying Spur’s, Rolls Royce Phantom’s and BMW 7 Series.

Not only does Première Velocity offer these cars for hire and chauffeuring, they also offer some very individual models which help clients to stand out from the rest. I particularly liked the white Mercedes S Class Brabus that my client requested which would have looked fantastic delivering someone up for their wedding day. Long wheel base with a panoramic roof and electrically adjustable rear seats made it the perfect chauffeur car and the fact that it was a Brabus with its neon lights in the foot well and LED spotlights that illuminated the ground below, just made it that much better.

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