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Car Tech Video by Gadgets Boy - Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

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In the last Fortnight Première Velocity has been growing its social links and has formed some great ventures with many different organisations from manufactures to bloggers. Here at Première Velocity we are happy to announce our latest joint venture with the very established technology review expert Gadgets Boy.
Behind the scenes Première Velocity and Gadgets Boy have been planning an online review series that will cover some of our fantastic supercar and prestige fleet from a technological point of view. These plans have slowly come to fruition as you may have seen by the recently published video by gadgets boy which can be found on our website in the social media section.
The latest video included a technology based review of our stunningly beautiful supercar the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster filmed by Gadgets Boy and presented by the very talented Phil Shand. It was a pleasure to work with an industry expert with many new and exciting ideas floating around, I am very confident that as the series develops there will be new exciting features for you the viewers and everyone involved in production to benefit from and experience.
So if you’re unsure and want to know what car would be the best car for you to hire, this internet based series will give you great insight into our Supercars, luxury and prestige cars from a different perspective so Première Velocity can suggest  the perfect vehicle for you.
Let us know if you liked the review we are always open to feedback feel free to leave any comments in the box below. We are also very active on social media and can be contacted on the following platforms.






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