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Bentley Continental GTC Hire Review

On a warm Sunday afternoon the family and I decided to go for a lovely drive through Essex ending up at a pub for Sunday lunch. Taking one of the most prestigious hire cars from Première Velocity was the kid’s idea. We needed a 4 seated convertible which ruled out most of the Supercars except one – the Bentley Continental GTC. A 6.0 W12 Bi-Turbo behemoth that is almost as quick as a Ferrari or Lamborghini but with 4 seats and a ton more weight!

The car itself had plenty of room in the back so with the roof swiftly away we adjusted the seats to almost living room sofa comfort levels gripped the piano wood steering wheel and purred off. The journey was to start in the glamorous areas of Loughton and Buckhurst Hill and then down the A12 to Brentwood, onto Chelmsford, Colchester and then back down to some of the lovely rural villages around Stansted for Sunday dinner.

This journey in many cars would seem a bit long winded but to say the Bentley Continental GTC did it at a breeze would be a HUGE understatement. The interior is finished in such a beautiful way, the leather looks like it’s been hand stitched at Saville Row, the piano wood feels so smooth that it’s a pleasure to touch and the quality of the sound system is amazing and you can even watch TV if you pull over for a break.

This car obviously doesn’t have the grip of a Supercar but for one with such weight and size it’s surprisingly nimble, the huge rear wheels just push the heavy nose in and out of corners and on a straight road you can really benefit from the most amazing grumble the engine gives off.

As with all the cars at Première Velocity this Bentley is an auto and I don’t know why anybody would want it any other way. I feel almost statesman like and the kids have a huge grin in the back despite the wind contorting their faces – or maybe that just the look of happiness.

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