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Audi R8 Hire Review

What is still one of the most intuitive Supercars built today even though it has now been around for over 2 years is the Audi R8. This Supercar won many awards in its first year of release and began a new dawn in the expectations of Supercar build qualities.

We had the opportunity to drive a fine example of the Audi R8, after hiring one for the weekend from Première Velocity who are based just outside London in Hertfordshire. They also deliver to the rest of the UK but specialise in Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

We decided to hire for an entire weekend as we wanted a chance to see what all the fuss was about. To really put the car to the test we wanted to take it through the traffic congested streets of the West End of London, followed by some more scenic routes through Kent and even a blast around the dreaded M25!

One of the initial impacts from this car is how easy it is to drive. With the automatic box selected this R8 is as easy to drive as a BMW 3 series but obviously a lot quicker, which becomes apparent when we press the accelerator  through central London and the entire street looks up in astonishment. It really is very nippy and stops equally well but without any of these tasks seeming harsh. Audi have tuned the 4.2 V8 to an almost perfect level, it breezes along some of London’s notoriously bad roads, the M25, A41, A1 even the pot hole ridden North Circular doesn’t put this car off.

This Supercar blends in a lot more than some of its more exuberant cousins, which is quite surprising considering its likeness to the number 1 Hyper-car , the Bugatti Veyron, but the Audi R8 is about £900,00.00 less, and it’s even cheaper if you decide to hire it.

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