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Audi A8 - New editions

Audi's flagship A8 sedan had already been inching closer to the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class with each generation change, and with its major redesign last year it's finally surpassed those other flagships in many respects. A new set of aluminum body panels, revised space-frame structure, broad spectrum of drive-train choices, stunning interior design, and new, more intuitive MMI interface altogether make the current A8 a standout for those who want more than just a large luxury car. Our vehicle, presented in onyx black with black leather, is a perfect alternative to the famed S Class or BMW 7 Series. With the 3.0l V6 Diesel it still manages to maintain a combined 40.0 + MPG, yet still retain a decent torque punch to whisk you along in complete silence and pure comfort. This vehicle is available immediately at Premiere Velocity so don't hesitate to contact us to reserve your drive today

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