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Aston Martin’s New… BOAT!

Usually when Aston Martin release a new vehicle, it's under some Bond-esque guise with a black figure-hugging cloth adorning the curves and lines of the latest installment in the DB range. But, their new model doesn't have wheels, nor a stonking V12, but rather some rudders and over 1,000 BHP! 

So, Aston Martin have just released their latest design - the AM37 Boat boasting a whopping 1040bhp generated from twin 520bhp engines. The boat, most likely the taste of a billionaire certinaly wouldn't look out of place in the harbour at Monaco or Monte Carlo, decked out in true opulence throughout.

It may not have 4 wheels or a British spy behind the helm but it does still have air-con, a fridge and a coffee machine, all of which can be operated remotely so by time you're on board, your cuppa is just brewing. How cool is that?! But, if that's not enough - it also has some optional extras, and as you'd expect from an Aston Martin, they're incredibly insane and luxurious. Amongst the list, a cocktail bar, underwater lights and fingerprint recognition top the offerings from the British manufacturer.

It may not be as iconic as Steve McQueen's Riva in Venice but it'll still no doubt turn heads, especially when they tell us all the price! It's set to be announced at its official debut at the Milan Design Week.

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