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Are Young Drivers Safe?

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Earlier this month news filtered down to the public that the government are looking into increasing the minimum driving age on which candidates can obtain their full driving licence, ahead of the government publishing its green paper. Ministers are also taking into account other rules and boundaries to curb and reduce the alarming percentage of road casualties aged 17-24.

If this potential law is passed the tighter regulations designed for reducing road accidents involving drivers and passengers include the minimum age to drive would increase to 18 and still they would be on a probationary licence. Obliged to wait until 19 only then after a supposed ‘’clean’’ 12 months will the driver be eligible for a full UK license.

Here a Première Velocity we are aware and agree that young people in the age bracket of 17-24 are involved in at least 20% of road accidents and there is an increasingly important need to ensure the safety of young drivers and crucially other road users. This is why in the last 12 months Première Velocity has increased the minimum age of hiring our supercars from 25 to 28 because the safety of our customers and other road users is paramount and more significant than any profit.

As the government has our total backing in increasing the safety of all road users which has a positive effect on everyone including higher quality driving experiences, peace of mind and of course lower insurance fees. However we feel that some regulations may deter good prospective learner drivers and/or hugely decrease a young person’s experience, as obtaining a car is a sense of freedom and these laws may take that freedom away.

More prospective reforms  include a requirement to attain a minimum of 100 hours of daylight observed training and a minimum of 20 hours night-time observed training, along with possible curfews introduced between 10:00pm and 05:00am unless someone aged 30 is travelling in the car.
These are the regulations that could damage a young drivers experience as they could well be very responsible and a excellent driver but regulations will mean they cannot take his/her partner to a late night viewing at the cinema or drive to and enjoy late night football match because they may finish after 10:00pm and may not have a 30 year old always at hand to tag along.

This is where we disagree as this is limiting the young responsible drivers out there, if you’re lucky enough to live in a city with excellent transport links then you may not agree but the whole of the country especially the rural areas do not have the benefit of excellent transport links and struggle to commute having to rely on parents or pay excessive cab fares and what parent wants to be a taxi driver or the personal bank for the taxi driver.

Here’s what Managing director Stephen Price has to say on the subject....

“As always, responsible driving is in the hands of the person behind the wheel. This means that age isn’t always the defining requirement to a safe driver, rather, how considerate of others and their own safety the driver is. Personally, I feel I am a lot safer now in my late 30’s than I was in my early 20’s. This has been a maturity issue for me, but not necessarily for others.
If the changes in the law mean the roads will be safer, there will be less tragedies on our roads, and insurance premiums come down then I see it as a positive. But as commented, a little unfair on those that drive with due car and attention.”

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