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Are electric cars the future

With BMW taking up the reign’s on the electric powered vehicle front we at Première Velocity wonder is electric vehicles the way forward and eventual outcome for the automotive industry.

According to the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency there is only a measly 4,100 electric cars on the road in the UK currently from a total of 28.5 million, further reports suggest that globally there is only 180,000 electric cars and the major buyers are typically Japan and the United States of America.

Obviously the main appeal of the electric car was to cut carbon footprints dramatically which was backed by the international energy agency. Governments across the world signed up to this initiative which included funding and subsidiary’s which has fell off with disappointing sales in the following years.

It’s a case of half of one and six of a dozen in the other as the running costs for an EV will be relatively cheap compared to a car running off gasoline; however this can be debated in the form of replacing batteries which can total up to 50% of the car’s RRP. On top the car is initially very expensive to purchase brand new cars higher than their gasoline counterparts again due to the very expensive batteries.

Then there is also the problem of who decides to bite the bullet first, as consumers do not want to part with their hard earned cash and walk away with a shiny new electronic car only to find that they cannot find anywhere to re-charge their battery making it more of a hindrance than a convenience. On the other hand governments do not want to invest more into facilities because they deem more investment too risky after a poor reception from the initial investment ploughed into electric cars and facilities. This leaves the majority of re-charge stations populated in cities disregarding rural locations further dampening consumer confidence in electric vehicles and facilities provided.

Until the governments and the electric vehicle manufacturer’s work together to achieve the best solution for all involved be it the amount of investment, lowering carbon emissions, or increasing charging locations and only until then will we see the potential of electric cars. But for now here Première Velocity we cannot see the electric cars becoming a force in the automotive world any time soon.

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