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Arab Supercar Season 2013

Arab Supercar Season 2013 comes to an end. What to do now?

The arrival of a new school year, and September’s rain has marked the end of an epic supercar invasion on Europe. London, Cannes and Marbella are just some of the cities that have enjoyed the most beautiful and rarest supercars from the Arab countries as they make their annual holiday to the (temperature wise) cooler continent of Europe. The Supercar Scene has been blessed with heat waves and periods of dry weather this year. Previous years have been complete wash outs, meaning less cars on the road. As we depart from summer high season months such as July and August, we bid farewell to many Europe favourites such as the White Pagani Huayra, a fantastic Matt Blue Aventador Roadster fitted with the DMC Tuning treatment and also the epic Bugatti Veyron Grandsports, one of which sadly had an accident during a trip to New York.

The Supercar Scene website is an extremely busy place, with daily uploads from around the world. The website gives all the car fans a taste of the action, and lets visitors watch their dream car drive past the cameras over and over again. Going into the Autumn and Winter months, the website will continue to grow and videos will be added on a daily basis. Remember, The Supercar Scene never stops, whatever the weather, whatever the city…The Supercar Scene Team are there ready to capture the latest cars leave the showrooms.
For the first time ever, SupercarsofLondon are able to run throughout the year. The popular YouTube channel will benefit from daily and weekly videos from London, car events but also Premiere Velocity’s Headquarters. SOL are excited to run raw Supercar paparazzi videos alongside the new series of Supercar Scene TV.

The Supercar Scene Team are working extremely hard to bring you live and up to date YouTube videos from all over the world. The deliveries of McLaren P1’s, LaFerrari’s and even more Aventador Roadsters offer tantalising opportunities for new awesome videos. The Team will be at the front of the scene, making sure we are first on the scene and making sure our followers get exclusive action.

One last point to make, SupercarsofLondon will be running ‘Summer Supercar Highlights’ series throughout September, October and November so make sure you subscribe for unseen footage, fan favourites and just a whole ton of supercars littering the London Streets. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, head over to Premiere Velocity on YouTube to get regular updates and teaser videos for SSTV…Coming October 2013.

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