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Another Supercar Production Myth?

Is this another production myth?

A War is brewing between car journalists CarScoops and California based supercar manufacturers Bulleta Motors. The debate stemmed from the announcement of the Bulleta RF22, the first supercar produced by the California based outfit.
We at Premiere Velocity are wondering is this another production myth or is this the start of a very successful line of supercars coming out of the states to break into European markets to rival.
The RF22 isn’t the most outrageously designed supercar even though it’s supposedly based off a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighter jet it is not the boldest statement made by Bulleta. It does not have many unusual lines in fact we at Premiere Velocity think Bulleta have been quite conservative and played it safe.
Bulleta claim the RF22 will 0-60 miles per hour in 3.6 seconds, but the 400-hp model can do it in 3.9 seconds with the R models specs expected to be 500bhp against 390lbs of torque. We think the R model RF22 will rival the perfectly engineered supercar the Ferrari 458 Italia if Bulleta keep the weight to a minimum mirroring a go-kart like experience. If not then it will fit snugly into the sports car bracket giving the likes of our Nissan GTR a run for its money.
The original argument was that they are allegedly buying Lotus Evora chassis’s and rebuilding the body around them which we think is quite lazy and cheap coming from an aspiring supercar manufacturer. After a short piece by CarScoops on the Bulleta RF22 Kevin Smith, Lotus Cars USA marketing executive decided to respond which read, ’’I work for Lotus and can tell you we are NOT selling Evora chassis to this group to build their vaporcar from,"
This was obviously met with a response from a Bulleta spokesperson which was quite defensive and rudely mannered dare I say, which casts further doubt into whether this car will hit production lines or actually be unveiled.
I think the term loosely is a little generous in relation to its Evora based design, the shape of the RF22 and lines are very reminiscent of the Norfolk based sportscar. The RF22 could really excel if it retains the handling and pinpoint steering of the Evora and manage to improve the inadequate gearshifter. Then and only then will be considered an exciting prospect. But for now I doubt it will be the next supercar for hire at Premiere Velocity.

Bradley Irving

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