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All New Range Rover Visits Premiere Velocity & We Drive It

On Monday of this week we were lucky enough to finally see and drive the all new Range Rover which is replacing the current Vogue range. The new version will be arriving with three different engine options; 3.0 Diesel, 4.4 Diesel & 5.0 Supercharged. Premiere Velocity will be purchasing each model so that we have the full range to rent. First impressions are very good indeed. Gone are the straight edges and in comes smooth modern lines that seem to have been taken from the evoque and elaborated. Futuristic LED head lights are one of the initial indicators of the new Range Rover. This model appears to the eye to be smaller but actually it's an aesthetic trick of the eye. Even more amazing is that on the smaller engine models, Land Rover have managed to save 320kg, which has a prominent impact in the drive and handling. Split rear tailgate allows easy access to the adquate boot space, and as usual this is the market leader in off road capability. Inside the cabin, it is exactly as you would expect - luxurious. A whole new media centre again derived from the Evoque sits proud and completely flush. Touch sensitive buttons and screen help to keep evrything neat and tidy. The system has 12 different LED settings for 'mood' lighting. Seats on this model had massage capability, which on a cold winters morning with the heated seats and massage on, makes the prospect a lot more accepatable! The drive has been improved with a lot less body roll which is suprising when you consider how good the previous model is. Performance is improved due to the weight reduction and the gear change is marginally smoother and quicker.

As a whole, we genuinely do not have anything negative to say about the new Range Rover other than they can't get here quick enough!

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