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2013 Premiere Velocity Car Awards

Premiere Velocity 2013 Car Awards

What a wonderful year 2013 has been, so many success stories to share such as Premiere Velocity branching out into the events world, offering both corporate and retail events in the most delightful parts of the country so that everybody can enjoy our amazing supercar fleet. Another highlight was the expansion of our headquarters in Welham Green which has allowed us to increase our Supercar and Prestige hire fleet significantly.
Here we look at the best vehicles in their perspective categories for Premiere Velocity in 2013. The winners were a culmination of the votes of all the staff at Premiere Velocity and are based on the luxury and Supercar rental market.

Car of the year – Ferrari 458 Italia
The Ferrari 458 is described as the best mid-engine supercar of the current era. It’s a real driver’s car and may be one of the most complete supercars of all time. The response and acceleration is unrivalled among competitors and partner that with its surprisingly smooth and comfortable ride, you can see why it’s revered. However, what elevates this car to the top of the Premiere Velocity pile is the scintillating handling this machine possesses. Any line you target, the 458 attacks it with poise and power leaving you on the edge of your seat always wanting more.

Most Popular Brand – Range Rover
Lamborghini was a real contender in this category; however it’s Range Rover that just clinches it. As all round vehicles they are hugely popular, firstly in the winter for their weather beating features and different terrain adaptability. The popularity also stretches to the summer months as the added space combined with comfort makes most RR’s perfect holiday vehicles for family trips. We also have a great range of RR’S within PV, from the highest spec Vogue Autobiography, to the rugged yet perfect equipped Discovery. We also keep something for the ladies with the heavily stylised Evoque Sport. All in all, Range Rover are beginning to offer unrivalled packages to suit all driving and living standards across the board. 

Best Edition – Lamborghini LP570-4 Performante Edizone Technica
This can only go to one vehicle and it is our Lamborghini LP570 Performante. The LP570 Edizone Technica (limited run of the Performante) is a special edition of Lamborghini’s most successful production car the Gallardo. Presented in rare and stunning Rosso Mars (bright red) this is certainly one of our most striking additions, and with only 10 or so in the country it’s a car we are extremely proud to own and offer to our clients. With its heavily improved power to weight distribution compared to the LP560, this car is a totally different animal to the standard car. It truly creates a new level of excitement and allows for an excellent comparison between models.

Best Supercar – McLaren MP4-12C Spyder
The McLaren 12C Spyder is this year’s best supercar because we just can’t ignore its unfailing ability as a truly accessible driver’s car. It manages to be the most powerful and brutal vehicle on fleet, yet it soothes the brow of the driver rather than attacking you with an axe! The obvious rivalry between the 12C and the 458 will always create a dispute, but the ability to drop the roof on a hot July afternoon, and feel the wind rushing through your hair does give the 12C an edge. The throttle response and the immediate power supported by those big turbo’s make for an exhilarating and unforgettable experience and although the styling has been questioned, in gorgeous Senna Yellow, it certainly has the heads turning too.

Best Sportscar – Porsche Boxster S
With so many vying for top spot it may be a surprise that the Boxster S has come out on top. With competition from giants like the BMW M5, Nissan GTR, and the electric Jaguar XKRS, it’s certainly a David among Goliath’s.  However after a unanimous decision from everyone at Premiere Velocity the Boxster S has delivered a knockout punch to its rivals. The elements that propel the Boxster to the top spot begin with its sublime balance and agility. There aren’t many cars that offer the same pin-point accuracy down a good B-Road. Although the electric steering caused a few ripples in the automotive pond, it really does offer a wonderful balance between suppleness and driving ease. 

Best 4x4 – Porsche Cayenne GTS
The all conquering New Range Rover Vogue is currently the best 4x4 on the fleet with the similar level of practicality as the Land Rover Discovery and the comfort of the top spec Vogue Autobiography. Although it doesn’t quite achieve the same level as either of those it’s all round ability to do just about anything whilst feeling like a VIP gives the Range Rover Vogue the top spot for the best 4x4 on the Premiere Velocity fleet.

Most Practical – Land Rover Discovery 4
The Land Rover Discovery is the most practical vehicle on the Premiere Velocity fleet hands down. The ‘Disco’ is spacious with a respectably luxurious cabin and enough oomph (that being torque) to get you out of any tight situations. Perfect for any off road event, long journeys or even if you want to get tow another vehicle or object such as a boat, it’s all well within the Discovery’s capabilities.   


Most Luxurious – Range Rover Vogue Autobiography
The crème de la crème, it really is a simple as that. In simple terms it’s the best, luxury personified. Customer feedback is very important at Premiere Velocity and the Vogue Autobiography does not let us down with feedback such as ‘’the best Range Rover I have been in’’ or ‘’I felt like a premiership football player’’ hardly surprising when the Autobiography has heated seats with lumbar support, heated steering wheel for those cold winter mornings, entertainment T.V screens for rear passengers, oak coloured wooden inserts in the dash and doors coupled with a piano finished black and ivory upholstery.   

Most enquiries – Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (white)
The Lamborghini Gallardo (White) is unmistakeably the most enquired vehicle. There has been an uprising in popularity for the raging bulls; whether that’s down to social media or the iconic models the Modena based manufacturer has been churning out. White is particularly popular as it’s traditional for weddings and a fashionable choice in the summer months when our Gallardo’s are consistently out on hire. With two Lamborghini’s currently on fleet we hope the popularity trend continues into 2014. 

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