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Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder

Hire from £1050.00 per day Please use the online quotation form below to calculate your exact price


Seconds 0-60mph


Top speed mph



  • 2 Seats

Lamborghini’s latest Spyder is finally here and ready to be enjoyed.. With the same fire-breathing 610bhp Naturally Aspirated V10 as the coupe a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, this car is certainly no slouch!

As many of you will testify.. The Huracan is already a step up from the Gallardo in terms of out and out performance.. The Huracan Spyder looses no power over the coupe, although the entire bulkhead has been moved 1.5 inches further forward to accommodate the roof.. Although it doesn’t sound like much, the cabin is now a little more snug than before and the extra mechanical equipment has added a few pounds to the weight.. However, with the roof off this car really comes into its element.. With Lamborghini’s new sports exhaust, the V10 cracks and wails off the surrounding scenery and Lambo’s excellent new twin clutch gearbox (exclusively designed for the Huracan) chews through the gears with incredible speed and finesse..
The stark contrast of the black and green is simply stunning in the flesh. When piloting this through town it gets the heads turning like you wouldn’t believe.. This is certainly a car to be seen in and offers a far smoother town driving experience than the Gallardo it replaces or even it’s bigger brother the Aventador..

Everyone who has hired our Huracan Spyder so far have all come back with one word that sums up the experience.. ‘Addictive’

As this car is now so easy to pilot, the initial nerves or discomfort are entirely dispelled leaving the raucous soundtrack, the savagery of the performance and it’s incredible road presence to be enjoyed in their entirety.. Some may say that the loss of the fear factor has taken some character from the car.. However, when a car this fast and striking has the ability to be driven comfortably in any circumstance, the focus around the cars purity seems to ebb away a little.. A Lamborghini is designed to be enjoyed after all, not feared.. 

Online Quote

Please use the online quotation form to the above to calculate your exact price.

  • Rate Includes
    • VAT
    • Car Hire
    • Fully Comprehensive Insurance anywhere in the UK
    • Two permitted drivers
    • Sat Nav
    • Child Seat (where required)
    • 100 miles per day
    • Congestion Charge
    • Delivery/Collection (where applicable)
  • Rate Excludes
    • Fuel
    • Driving Outside Of UK (unless requested, subject to a fee)
    • Damage Waiver (none offered)
  • Insurance Excess
    • Excess charge is £5000.00 and an excess waiver is not available.
  • Minimum age
    • The minimum age to hire this vehicle is 30.
  • Price list (includes VAT)
    • 1-3 day hire price £1110.00
    • 4-7 day hire price £1074.00
    • 8-14 day hire price £1050.00
    • Excess Mileage (per mile) £8.40

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