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Supercar Hire - What you need to know

What you need to know before deciding who to hire a car from.

Renting a supercar, luxury car or prestige car should be an extremely enjoyable and exciting experience, at Premiere Velocity we are here to ensure that this is the case. However, before you take the plunge and spend your hard earned money, there are a few things that you will need to know before chosing which supplier to use.

You get what you pay for!

Like with a lot of things in life, you will always find people and companies willing to charge you less for what appears, on the surface, to be the same product or service. Sometimes it is very difficult to resist what appears to be an absolute bargain. We often hear from customers that "so and so" company is offering the same car at a lower price. We know that we are not the cheapest in the industry, but we do believe that we offer an extremely high level of customer service, some of the latest and best cars in the hire market and a genuinely superb experience. However, all of this comes at a price. Below are a list of things to look out for and they all contribute to the reasons that we are not the cheapest.

1. Cars

We are offering you a fleet of supercars, luxury cars, 4x4's and prestige cars for hire. All of the cars on the fleet are under 3 years old, which means that they are all within the manufacturer's standard warranty period. This means that any defect on the car will be repaired by the manufacturer at their expense. We always have the latest cars on the fleet and keep them updated regularly. The cars are available to view by appointment and are all stored in our own warehouse. Many companies will operate with a small number of cars but be offering a huge number of cars on their website. These will be cars that they are either hiring in from other companies or obtaining from private individuals who are keen to rent their cars out in order to pay for them. This way of offering a large amount of cars can present some issues, notably Insurance and finance problems.

All of our cars are less than three years old, owned by us and covered by manufacturer's warranty with full roadside assitance in the UK and Europe.

2. Insurance

It cannot be understated how important insurance is for self-drive hire supercars. Insuring these cars is extremely expensive, and the reason why is that they are essentially insured for any driver that fits our age and license criteria. This is one of the areas in which many companies will choose to cut corners. Many companies will operate their fleet under a "Traders" policy. This is a policy that Motor Traders will use to insure and manage their fleet. The cars will be insured for any driver to drive as long as they work for that company. So if on delivery, you are told to say that you work for them if stopped by the Police, then this should ring alarm bells. Ask for a copy of the insurance policy relating to the vehicle that you are hiring. If they can't provide it, then something is wrong. Either they do not own the car or it is on a Traders policy.

At Premiere Velocity, we operate a fully comprehensive Self-Drive hire insurance policy and will happily show you the insurance certificate for your chosen car on request.

3. Ownership of vehicles

All of the cars on the Premiere Velocity fleet are owned by us. We do not offer vehicles owned by other companies or private individuals. There are a few reasons for this: Firstly, insurance - the insurance companies are not keen on insuring cars owned by 3rd parties and will insist on the car being hired out on our own paperwork. Secondly, if the car is not under our control, then we cannot be sure of the quality of the car and how it has been serviced and maintained. We are not willing to put our customers at risk in this way.

All of the cars on our website are owned by Premiere Velocity.

4. Finance

The vast majority of the cars that are offered for self-drive hire in the UK will be subject to some sort of finance. You would have to have very deep pockets to be able to own all of these cars outright! However, the way in which they are financed is very, very important for the customer and is something that a customer will almost never ask about. It is assumed that if a company is offering a car for hire, then they are doing so completely legally. Unfortunately, this can be very wrong. If a car is financed using a personal finance contract, then the chances are that contract will contain a clause which expressly forbids the car to be used "for Hire or Reward". What effect will this have on the customer? Imagine that you are driving the car and are stopped by the police (which can happen as the cars are quite "noticeable"!), the police will check the insurance and the ownership of the car. The customer will give the hire agreement which will state that they are insured on the car, but on the police checks the car will show up as being owned by a finance company. A quick phonecall to the finace company will reveal that the car is not allowed to be hired. The police will then be asked by the finance company to impound the vehicle, thereby ruining the customer's hire. The reason that personal contracts are used? Because they are cheaper than business finance. As soon as you tell the company that the car will be hired out, the payments will increase as it is deemed to be higher risk.

All of the cars on the Premiere Velocity fleet are financed with business finance that expressly allow the vehicles to be hired out.

5. Contract

When you hire any car, you are entering into a contract with the hire company. The contract will be all of the correspondance between you and the company along with the hire agreement and paperwork that you sign upon taking possession of the car. One of the pitfalls in this industry is that there is a huge amount of "Brokers" who do not have their own vehicles, but merely have a website to attract customers and then source the car from companies such as ourselves. The problem here is that the customer does not necessarly know who their contact is with until the car actually turns up (or doesn't! I will come onto this next). There are some very reputable brokers who have been in the industry a long time and will provide an impeccable service. All details will be given up upfront and you will not be any doubt about who your contract is with. 

At Premiere Velocity, you will deal with one of our members of staff from start to finish and we only supply our own cars.

6. Non-delivery

We hear many horror stories of bookings with other companies that fall through at the last minute or of cars that have been "crashed" on previous hires. Whatever the reason, it is obviously devastating to not receive the car that you have booked. Our advice is that unless you know the company that you are hiring from, always pay by credit or debit card as these methods of payment offer security for the card holder in the event of a no-show. 

Check out our reviews and testimonials to give you peace of mind that we are a genuine and honest company.

7. Deposit and Insurance Excess

All of the deposits and excesses for our cars are shown on our Tariffs page. These are the amounts that you will have to pay in the case of a fault accident where the cost of repairing the damage exceeds the excess. We do not charge the full deposit amount for minor damage, we will charge you what it costs to repair. Again, we have heard frequent horror stories where customers have been charged their full deposit amount for only minor damage. Other pitfalls are that in the case of a fault accident, the hiring company has charged a much larger excess than the deposit paid bt the customer or that the customer has been asked to contribute a large amount to the cost of the repairs as the company does not want to go through their insurance. This is a question to ask upfront during the booking process.

At Premiere Velocity, we operate a transparent excess/deposit process whereby the deposit is your maximum liability in the case of a fault accident.

8. Maintenance & Servicing

When you hire a car, you assume that it is roadworthy and is properly maintained. Maintenance and servicing on a fleet of supercars is extremely expensive and is of utmost importance to ensure the safety and security of customers who are likely to be driving relatively fast! Charging the right price for each hire is an essential part of the maintenance process. If cars go out too cheaply then it is quite possible that the company does not have enough money to keep the car maintained correctly, they will then cut corners to enable them to stay afloat. The same can be said for damage to cars. We understand that our customers are spending large amounts of money on hiring a car, and therefore they quite rightly expect it to be presented correctly and not arrive with damage to the bodywork or wheels. Charging correctly for the hire and any damage caused by previous customers will enable to cars to be presented properly.

All cars on the fleet at Premiere Velocity are serviced at the correct intervals and impeccably presented.

9. Delivery and Collection procedure

All of our delivery drivers are fully trained on each vehicle and know all of the cars inside out. We do not use agency or temporary delivery staff as we deem that in order to ensure the safety of our customers and of our cars, all of our delivery team need to be totally familar with each and every vehicle. They are all long term members of staff and know many of our customers personally after having delivered to them numerous times. The last thing that you want is for the car to be delivered to you by someone who can't communicate properly with you in English and can't explain the controls of the car or how to drive it. This puts you at risk and also the car that you are driving.

At Premiere Velocity, we want your supercar hire experience to be a wonderful one, we have therefore put everything in place to ensure that this is the case from the moment you pick up the phone to us, through to the delivery and return of the car.


In summary, for many of our clients, hiring a supercar is an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. It is not worth cutting corners and trying to do it as cheaply as possible - you really do get what you pay for. Please do not let your dream become a nightmare by hiring from the wrong company. It is well worth spending a bit of time doing your research into all of the above points before spending your money. Unfortunately, it is often only when problems occur that many of the pitfalls are uncovered. Here at Premiere Velocity, we guarantee transparency in all of our dealings with our customers.

Happy Hiring!

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