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Première Velocity - Prestige & Supercare hire

Call 0844 335 6937 established 2008

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Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin…   names that have come to epitomise the ultimate driving experience.  Precision engineering, power and cornering agility all combine to create the most exciting and thrilling driving experiences imaginable and they can be yours when you rent a prestige, luxury  or supercar from the Premiere Velocity fleet.

Premiere Velocity is the UK’s leading prestige, luxury and supercar rental company, with an unrivalled range of the finest cars in production today.  Based in London, Premiere Velocity can deliver a car to rent for short or long periods either directly through the fleet or from across the UK through Hertz Supercars.

The scale and range of the Premier Velocity fleet means that if you’re looking to hire a Ferrari for the weekend or a Lamborghini for a special occasion, we’ll have a supercar you can hire.  Check out our full range of cars, from luxury Range Rovers to prestige cars from Bentley and Mercedes.

As well as a range of cars that can’t be beaten anywhere in the UK, Premiere Velocity also prides itself on its first class customer service.  If you need to hire a prestige car for a meeting or want to rent a wedding car, you can be assured that the Premiere Velocity team will be on hand to make everything perfect.